Are You Looking For Small Quantities Of Labels & Decorative Tapes For Your Garments ?



Since our inception in 1983, we have been manufacturing Elastic and Non-Elastic Tapes. We have grown steadily and gradually, expanding our capabilities as a Garment Trim Supplier by adding Woven Labels & Printed Labels in 1992 and Paper price tickets in 2015.

Merchandisers require that suppliers of trims have many qualities. To wit : quick turnaround of samples, perfect colour matching, colour fastness, ability to process multiple deliveries daily, offer real-time information and origination of innovative products.

We have been perfecting systems on these very abilities. It is no wonder that we process more than 175 orders a day "for customers" in and around India and produce more than 10000 different items.

Our Mission

We manufacture & supply woven tapes, woven labels, fabric printed labels and paper price tickets.
Our customers are garment & made-ups manufacturers, & any household products where branding is essential.
We provide quick solutions & samples; we can handle a variety of products; we can handle large number of customers; we can communicate easily by using web based software. Using our skills, we seek profitable niches & even adding new skills for such niches.

Why Us

Our customers trust us to deliver garment trims because we keep things simple and streamlined.

Our production is ethically and socially responsible. Our delivery record and reputation is trusted, reliable and efficient.


  • Meet quality specifications..
  • Have technical ability and knowledge.
  • Communicate precisely.
  • Offer competitive prices.
  • Believe in honest dealing.
  • Offer volume discounts.
  • Provide needed information as and when required.
  • Can deliver quickly in an emergency.
  • Can push back deliveries when required.
  • Deliver when promised.
  • Advise of potential trouble

Please feel free to contact us for any suggestion / feedback / comments about our value added label services for further improvement to serve you better.